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Samsung HGxxHQ60A Firmware Update Instructions 

​  The TV must have the latest firmware to work properly with the HTV Emulator

  • Check Firmware Level
    • When you first turn on a brand new HQ60A TV, it will start with the Startup Wizard.  If so, select US and then FACTORY MENU.  Once the Blue menu comes up, power off the TV, wait a few seconds and power it back on.
    • Go to HOME MENU, SETTINGS, SOFTWARE UPDATE and verify the firmware version. 

​​​                              It must be at 1959 or higher.  If not, the TVs firmware must be updated.

  • Download the New Firmware
    • Download this firmware to a folder on your computer.​

  • Unzip the file and put the folder T-NKLAAKUCB and its subdirectories into the root directory of a clean USB stick. 
  • Insert the USB stick into one of the TVs USB ports.

  • Update the Firmware
    • Enter the Hospitality Menu, by entering MUTE, UP ARROW, DOWN ARROW, ENTER.  The blue screen will appear.
    • Scroll to the bottom and select SYSTEM.
    • Scroll down and select SW Update.
    • Push Enter at Software Update.
    • Push Enter at Update Now.
    • When it's done updating, it will turn off and then turn back on.

  • Reset the TV 
    • Go back to the Hospitality Menu by entering MUTE, UP ARROW, DOWN ARROW, ENTER.  The blue screen will appear.
    • Scroll to the bottom and select SYSTEM.
    • Select TV Reset
    • Select TV Reset again.  When done the TV will turn off.
    • Wait 10 seconds and turn the TV back on.

  • Follow the directions for the HGxxHQ60A HTV Emulator Setup Guide, available directly below under Guides.

                 Samsung HGxxHQ60A Setup Guide

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