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Hospital Grade TV's

Smart TV's

Pro:Idiom TV's

Flagship TV's for now and long into the future.  Smart TV's offer features the others don't have. They all have Pro:Idiom so they will work with almost any video provider.

LG Hospitality Televisions


If Pro:Idiom is not required, these TV's can save you some money.  Typically if you have a SBB (Set Back Box) you won't need Pro:Idiom.

Non Pro:Idiom TV's


UT770  Series with Slim 4K and  B-Lan

Non Pro:Idiom TV's


Pro:Idiom TV's

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Amazing Image and Clarity

LG provides hospitality solutions for in-room entertainment and digital signage designed to enhance guest experience. Built on LG’s strong reputation for display innovation, leading technology platforms including Pro:Idiom® and the new Pro:Centric™ platform enable simple to install, manage, and use guest-centric solutions

UHD Non Pro:Idiom TV's

LG offers a complete lineup of full featured Hospital Grade TV's.  These are specifically designed to work with Pillow Speaker installations.

Hospital Grade TV's

560 Series without B-Lan

570 Series with B-Lan

UHD Pro:Idiom TV's

UHD Smart TV's

Televisions with the necessary DRM (Digital Rights Management) to work with any video provider you might choose.  Future proof your investment with a Pro:Idiom based TV.