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  • HD Video for Healthcare with a home like viewing experience
  • Allows for typical hospital type pillow speakers to control the cable or satellite box and television
  • Compatible with Anacom-Medtek, Curbell and other major pillow speakers
  • Pillow Speaker already developed to work seamlessly with the PSI for cable boxes
  • Performs all necessary translations, no changes to pillow speakers necessary
  • No external power supply necessary
  • New templates can be added to the pillow speakers to repurpose the exiting buttons
  • Small box, 2.1” x 1.6” x 0.6” attaches to the back of the hospital grade TV​ or cable / satellite box
  • Very low cost solution

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Use Standard Cable or Satellite Box in Hospital


Pillow Speaker Interface


We offer competitive pricing and fast availability on major Hospitality Televisions by market leaders Samsung, LG and RCA.  As we are integrators, we are specialists on the brands we sell.  We can recommend the best TV's for your property based on your specific requirements.