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Long Term Care

Non-Pillow Speaker Compatible

Hospital Grade

Pillow Speaker Compatible



Hospitality TV's

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Health Care TV's

Hospitality Lite TV's

Hospitality TV's

RCA offers a full lineup of Pro:Idiom and Non-Pro:Idiom based TV's specifically for hospitality.  Let us help you choose the right model based on your video system.

Versatility and Value

Whether you are looking for a cost effective entertainment solution or a high end lodging television, RCA Commercial Electronics has a comprehensive solution for the your lodging needs.

RCA Commercial Televisions


A commercial TV that is feature rich and low cost.  

Two styles Health Care Grade TV's are available.  Hospital Grade developed for hospitals that use Pillow Speakers, as well as Long Term Care, for facilities that don't use Pillow Speakers.

Hospital Grade TV's