Simple for HOTELS


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Your guests have a world of content in the palm of their hands. With Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Showtime, ESPN and hundreds more apps, they carry all their favorite content on their smart devices.

What if there were an easy way for guests to stream their content directly to your in-room TV?

TeleAdapt has developed Roomcast for exactly this. Roomcast is an all-in-one wireless personal area network and Chromecast media streaming solution.



  • Chromecast is the simplest way to get content from a mobile device to the TV.


Personal Area Network

  • Roomcast creates a secure Personal Area Network (PAN) for each room.


Roomcast Dial

  • The bedside remote allows guests to discover Roomcast with just the tap of the dial.


Guests use their own mobile devices.  Nothing to download and nothing new to learn.  Simply “Join & Cast.”

All guests will be supported whether they use iOS or Android smartphones / tablets, or laptops with the Chrome browser.

Guest’s private information is never exposed and personal area network ensures content streaming is contained to each guest room.

Chromecast supports 1,000+ apps, 200,000 TV shows & movies, 30 million songs, plus radio, sports, games and more.

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Simple for GUESTS

Roomcast is an “over-the-top” streaming solution that works along with any existing in-room TV system. The solution works without head-end equipment; simply connect a Roomcast box to the TV and set the Roomcast dial on the nightstand. The Roomcast box connects to the TV (HDMI), to the Internet (Ethernet) and to power and then hides securely out of site. Roomcast includes an 802.11 wireless access point which is activated on demand, generating a unique WPA passcode. Chromecast is built into  Roomcast and is preconfigured to be immediately discoverable upon joining the personal area network.

RoomcastTM ​powered by chromecast



Roomcast on the TV, where guests will  discover a private personal area network. After joining they can open any cast-enabled app and tap the Cast button to display their favorite content on the big screen. Everything is controlled from the guest’s phone or tablet, using the mobile apps they already know and love. They can even keep using their phone for other things without disrupting what’s playing.

After joining the network, guests will discover the familiar “cast button” in all of their cast-enabled apps. There is nothing to download; no email or password to enter. And yes, it works on both Android and iOS devices. It couldn't be simpler: join the room network, launch your favorite cast-enabled app and cast.  
Finally a solution that can be added to your existing TV system to provide your guests with total entertainment freedom.