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478 model also have b-LAN

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Smart TV's

Pro:Idiom TV's

Non Pro:Idiom TV's

Pro:Idiom TV's

Smart TV's

Flagship TV's for now and long into the future.  Smart TV's offer features the others don't have. They all have Pro:Idiom so they will work with almost any video provider.

Absolutely Stunning

Samsung, the #1 TV brand worldwide is now the fastest growing TV brand in hotels. Offering scalable technology and integrated solutions to provide a personalized in-room experience, Samsung’s Hospitality TVs make your guests feel right at home.

From 22" to 75" hospitality televisions, there is a size for every room.  Including the brand new 55" and 65" curved hospitality television, only from Samsung.

Samsung Hospitality Televisions


Televisions with the necessary DRM (Digital Rights Management) to work with any video provider you might choose.  Future proof your investment with a Pro:Idiom based TV.

If Pro:Idiom is not required, these TV's can save you some money.  Typically if you have a SBB (Set Back Box) you won't need Pro:Idiom.

Non Pro:Idiom TV's

Pro:Idiom TV's

Smart TV's

We offer competitive pricing and fast availability on major Hospitality Televisions by market leaders Samsung, LG and RCA.  As we are integrators, we are specialists on the brands we sell.  We can recommend the best TV's for your property based on your specific requirements.