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We offer the most qualified installation services for hospitality available today.  We support every aspect of the installation, including complete project management from start to finish.  Our qualified and experienced engineering staff will be onsite during every install.

We are experts on the transition from SD to HD TV's as well as how they interact with the various VOD and Free to Guest (FTG) equipment packages.

Installation Services

Channel Insertions and Guides

We can provide a turnkey Hotel or Info channel for your property.  This includes all equipment, configuration and installation.  These channels can have the content sourced from your existing Satellite receiver, Blu-ray Player, DVD Player, Media Player, or Computer.  Options include us providing any of the source players.

Additionally we can insert a Channel Guide that allows your guests to know where to find their favorite television stations.  The theme is fully customizable and channel numbers can be reassigned and grouped by genre. 

Engineering and Electronic Design

We design and develop custom products to help improve your guest's experience with your televisions.  Please call us to discuss your needs or vision.

Need Installation? If you are located in the Continental United States, we would be happy to provide a quote for our competitive  installation services.

Professional Services