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Signature Series

Pro Series

Pro Series

Signature Series

All-weather, HD and UHD outdoor TV for patio, deck, yard, pool-side.

Outdoor Wonder

SunBrite is the true original outdoor television, and leader in outside televisions. Their televisions have been engineered for permenant outdoor placement, with sizes ranging from 32" to 65". There is a size for every outdoor area. They feature a new slim LCD display and are completly weather proof, and able to withstand hours of direct sunlight.

SunBrite Outdoor Televisions


Televisions designed with the sun in mind. Direct-sun tolerant outdoor, all-weather HDTV

Pro:Idiom TV's

Smart TV's

We offer competitive pricing and fast availability on major Hospitality Televisions by market leaders Samsung, LG and RCA.  As we are integrators, we are specialists on the brands we sell.  We can recommend the best TV's for your property based on your specific requirements.