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ICS-SP30 Refurbished        $75.00  each

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ICS-SP30 MPEG2 Pro:Idiom Tuner


We bought the remaining inventory of the Enseo designed and built, Sony ICS-SP30 MPEG2 Tuner Cards.  These cards are specifically designed to slide into certain Sony professional displays.  They add the necessary requirements for content delivery to hotel rooms and public venues by providing connectivity and include MPEG2 Pro:Idiom decryption capability.  This is the latest technology for connections to all the major VOD or FTG companies such as LodgeNet, Guest-tek, PureHD, NxTV, Cox (Hospitality Network), nSTREAMS and others.

As this will be the last batch of ICS-SP30's, they are being offered at a very special low price.  As there won't be anymore available once they are gone, you should consider ordering for spares, or upgrading from analog existing products.  

These ICS-SP30 MPEG2 tuner cards are REFURBISHED and as such can be offered at a very reduced price. They are still being offered with a full 1 year warranty.

The ICS-SP30 is compatible with the following list of Sony professional TV's.
  • FWD-32LX2
  • FWD-40LX2
  • KLH-W26
  • KLH-W32
  • KLH-40X1
  • FWD-50PX3

Sony Tuners


More Information & Specifications of ICS-SP30

ICS-SP30 is a professional tri-band tuner providing 8VSB, QAM and NTSC tuner function for internal connection to a line of Sony Professional LCD and Plasma displays.  The ICS-SP30 includes support for Pro:Idiom 

™ decoding on lodging systems supporting this encryption technology.  The ICS-SP30 is compatible with MPEG2 codecs, it does not do MPEG4.  If you need MPEG4, please order the ICS-SP31 instead.

The ICS-SP30 also includes a standalone mode when not connected to a VOD system.  This allows for the addition of an HD tuner inside the Sony displays.

Sony Internal HDTV Tuner Features 
  • Internal High Definition TV Tuner for Hotel VOD applications
  • MPEP2 Pro:Idiom™ compliant
  • MTI Port for interface with Pay-Per-View systems
  • Compatible with: LodgeNet, OnCommand, nStreams, Guest-Tek, others
  • Channel Mapping of display inputs
  • Stand-Alone and Lodging Mode