• PTS-LGPO             Large             60" -100"       176lbs 
  • PTS-MDPO           Medium         37" -70"          88lbs 
  • PTS-SMPO           Small             32" -55"          88lbs 
  • PTS-LGTLT          Large             60" - 100"       220lbs 
  • PTS-SMTLT         Small             32" - 55"         99lbs 


  • PTS-MDFLT           Medium      37" - 70"          88lbs 

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  • PTS-SP03            Small            24" -48"           80lbs 

Other sizes and types available.  Please call so we can discuss your wall bracket requirements.

  • PTS-MP04           Medium         32" -48"          125lbs 

         Model             Size           TV Size         Weight

  • PTS-MDTLT         Medium         37" - 70"         88lbs 
  • PTS-ST02            Small             23" - 40"        165lbs 

             Model              Size            TV Size        Weight

             Model                Size         TV Size         Weight


  • ​PTS-SMFLT           Small          32" - 55"          99lbs 

Articulating Arm Brackets

Tilting Brackets

Flat Wall Brackets

We offer affordable flat wall brackets for every size TV and application.  Some are lockable as well.  Flat wall brackets are the most secure type and should be used in most situations.

Securely mount your TV's to the wall


ProTVSolutions offers many types and sizes of wall brackets.  From the simplest flat brackets to the very flexible articulating arm designs.  The  common feature to all of our brackets is the high quality and low cost.  We can typically offer a large savings over other companies brackets.  Most are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

The brackets shown below are just a sample of the many we offer.  Please call to discuss your specific situation so we can recommend the right product.

Cost Effective Wall Brackets


We offer several sizes and types of tilting wall brackets.  If the television is going to be mounted higher than typical viewing heights, a tilting bracket should be used.  Otherwise, flat is the best choice.

We offer pull out wall brackets in many sizes and shapes.  Some are good for corner mounting, others for just rotating side to side.  Please call us to discuss your specific situation so we can recommend the best bracket.

Articulating Arm

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