• Any number of Remote Prism™ Tunnels can be used in a room.
• Easy to install, can be mounted in less than 1 minute, then plugs into the cable box IR Input.
• Can be mounted vertically for wider IR pickup angle, horizontally for narrower IR pickup angle
• Remote Prism™ Tunnel comes with Remote Prism™
• Detachable 2M cable to fit most installations, can be extended to longer lengths if necessary

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  • HD Video for Healthcare with a home like viewing experience
  • Allows for typical hospital type pillow speakers to control the cable or satellite box and television
  • Compatible with Anacom-Medtek, Crest, Curbell and other major pillow speakers
  • Pillow Speakers already developed to work seamlessly with the PSI for cable boxes
  • Performs all necessary translations, no changes to pillow speakers necessary
  • No external power supply necessary
  • New templates can be added to the pillow speakers to repurpose the exiting buttons
  • Small box, 2.1” x 1.6” x 0.6” attaches to the back of the hospital grade TV​ or cable / satellite box
  • Very low cost solution

ProTVSolutions is an Authorized Reseller for Anacom Medtek.  As such we offer great service, quick delivery and competitive pricing.

Anacom Medtek has developed a brand new Pillow Speaker designed to function with all the buttons needed with our Pillow Speaker Interface and Cable boxes.

Call to discuss your specific requirements and we can quickly provide a quote and availability.

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Anacom Medtek Pillow Speakers

ProTVSolutions Pillow Speaker Interface

A product designed by ProTV that allows cable and satellite boxes to communicate with Pillow Speakers.  

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Easily solve pillow speaker installation problems.

Quickly discover if the problem is related to in wall wiring, the TV, the pillow speaker, or the nurse call system.

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Products by ProTVSolutions, and Others


ProTVSolutions developed the widely successful Pillow Speaker Interface.  This device allows a pillow speaker to control both the TV and Set Top Box.  Following that we were asked by Samsung to develop a product to allow their hospitality TVs to support pillow speakers.  We developed the HTV Emulator-1 for that purpose.  We then followed up with a new Emulator specifically for low cost consumer TVs, the HTV Emulator-Universal.

In addition to these innovative products we have just released the first PSM, Pillow Speaker Monitor.  An invaluable tool for debugging healthcare pillow speaker installations.

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