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HTV Emulator-Universal


Why pay so much for a Healthcare Grade TV when you don't have too?

ProTVSolutions new HTV Emulator-Universal  works with BestBuy Insignia, and most popular Consumer TVs.

This solution gives you the same pillow speaker connectivity as a Healthcare TV and is perfect for

Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, Diagnostic, Dialysis and Chemo clinics, and many other applications.

HTV Emulator-Universal will save you money with each room.

​Key features
- Adds pillow speaker capability to low cost BestBuy Insignia, and most popular consumer TV brands
- Specifically developed for healthcare facilities, clinics, long term care, assisted living, etc.
- Compatible with all major pillow speakers*

  • Works with Curbell, Anacom-Medtek, Crest, and others
  • Supports Samsung, legacy Zenith, and Pro:Centric ** pillow speaker protocols
  • ​Supports healthcare system integrator's pillow speakers**

- Compatible with any TV that has a headphone jack, or analog audio out capability
- Mounts on the bottom or back of the TV
- No external IR Blaster required
- Simple hookup to TV, just an audio connection, one wire
- Small package size, less than 2” x 1” 
- Requires a free AC outlet for the included USB power supply

​     *Pillow speakers must be able to support digital signals, and have a minimum # of buttons to be useful

     ** Some keys may not be supported with standard product, but customization is available by request

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