MTI2CEC Converter for Hospitality

Easily Connect a Consumer TV to your Hospitality Video System
Part# - PTS-MTI2CEC Converter

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ProTVSolutions designed a simple MTI to CEC interface that can easily be installed between a hospitality set back box and the TV set and allow the setback box to control the power settings of the TV using industry standard MTI commands. This would allow the standard remote control to turn On and Off the TV without any other change.

Key Features:

  • Provides the required communication for a consumer TV to work in a hospitality environment
  • Hospitality TVs may be too expensive for some regions or businesses
  • Hospitality TVs may not be available in larger sizes or the feature set required.
  • No power supply required
  • Thousands have already been installed in hotels across the country

Key Requirements:

  • TV must support CEC communication.
  • Set Top Box must internally control Volume and mute operations
  • Set Top box must support MPI communication, and have an HDMI output

MTI2CEC Converter for Hospitality


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