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IR2USB Interface for Spectrum 100-H Cable Box

Works with other other STBs as well, call for details

We offer competitive pricing and fast availability on major Hospitality Televisions by market leaders Samsung, LG and RCA.  As we are integrators, we are specialists on the brands we sell.  We can recommend the best TV's for your property based on your specific requirements.


  • Allows for cable box to mounted out of sight and hidden
  • Allows IR control of the cable box
  • Specifically designed to work with the Spectrum 100-H set top box
  • Pug into either the front or back USB port
  • Just plug the IR2USB into cable box, and Remote Prism into the IR2USB
  • Performs all necessary translations
  • No external power supply necessary
  • Small footprint, the size of a thumb drive
  • The IR2USB device allows ProTVSolutions standard Stealth Remote Prism to connect to a Spectrum 100-H Set Top Box. The Set Top Box can then be hidden inside cabinets or behind the TV.
  • It is the only IR receiver designed specifically for hotel rooms and to not be visible.
  • ProTVSolutions IR2USB Interface
  • Only sold as a bundle with our Stealth Remote Prism
  • Part#: PTS-IR2USB Bundle

IR2USB Interface