1-50 Prisms​​

Stealth Remote Prism Mounts behind the TV!

Since introduction, Remote Prisms have been installed in more than a million hotel rooms across the world.  They are now the  standard for virtually every major VOD provider.

The Stealth Remote Prism has now been designed to work specifically with DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) as well!!  

For DRE H26 STB, be sure to order the DIRECTV version as shown here.

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If your guests think you have cameras pointing at the bed, you're not alone.  Guests are removing, covering up or at least very concerned about the old style IR Receivers that are mounted on the TV bezels.  To an unknowing guest, these look like cameras and result in unease and concerns about their privacy.

ProTVSolutions developed the patented Stealth Remote Prism, specifically for this problem in hotels.  It is mounted behind the TV, guaranteed not to look like a camera, and also will function better than the existing camera like IR Receivers.  The Stealth Remote Prism is now available for DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) as well as Cable, LG STBs, and other VOD solutions.

  CABLE BOX Remote Prism     

1-50 Pieces             $12.00 each (plus shipping)

51-> Pieces             $10.00 each (plus shipping)

Installers and Integrators call us for pricing.

Available for DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE H25 STB)

​For Ordering, you may reach ProTVSolutions at 888-866-9981 or 858-663-2595.

Available for most VOD systems, Cable STBs, and DTA boxes
Also compatible with DIRECTV AEP and H26 STB

Stealth Remote Prism

Multiple Patents

  • Does not look like a camera!  Fully hidden.
  • Will eliminate guest complaints and unease.
  • Low cost, quick and easy to install.
  • High performance & high reliability IR Receiver, functions better than all of the competition.​  Provides corner to corner coverage.
Do your guests think​ you have
cameras in your rooms?

DIRECTV Remote Prism

      1-50 Pieces             $12.00 each (plus shipping)

          51-> Pieces             $10.00 each (plus shipping)

      Installers and Integrators call us for pricing.

Rest Assured with 

Stealth Remote Prism  

You can't see it, but it's there

Installers and Integrators, Call Us For Pricing

Since introduction, Remote Prisms have been installed in more than a million hotel rooms across the world.  They are now the standard for virtually every major VOD provider.

The Stealth Remote Prism now works with most Cable Boxes & DTA's, Dish Networks, as well as LG STBs.

Be sure to order the CABLE version shown here.

For DIRECTV, DRE H25 STB, be sure to order the DIRECTV version below.

  • Almost permanent adhesive, will not fall off or get knocked off by house cleaning
  • Eliminates unnecessary tech support calls
  • This Patented Technology is already installed in hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms across the US.

​1 - 50 Prisms

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If you have IR Receiver's mounted on your TV bezel, then you need Stealth Remote Prisms instead.
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