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Samsung HGxxHQ60A and HGxxAU800 Firmware Update Instructions 

​  The TV must have the latest firmware to work properly with the HTV Emulator

  • Check Firmware Level
    • When you first turn on a brand new HQ60A or AU800 TV, it will start with the Startup Wizard.  If so, select US and then FACTORY MENU.  Once the Blue menu comes up, power off the TV, wait a few seconds and power it back on.
    • Go to HOME MENU, SETTINGS, SOFTWARE UPDATE and verify the firmware version. 

​​​                              It must be at 2100 or higher.  If not, the TVs firmware must be updated.

  • Download the New Firmware
    • Download this firmware to a folder on your computer.​

  • Unzip the file and put the folder T-NKLAAKUCB and its subdirectories into the root directory of a clean USB stick. 
  • Insert the USB stick into one of the TVs USB ports.

  • Update the Firmware
    • Enter the Hospitality Menu, by entering MUTE, UP ARROW, DOWN ARROW, ENTER.  The blue screen will appear.
    • Scroll to the bottom and select SYSTEM.
    • Scroll down and select SW Update.
    • Push Enter at Software Update.
    • Push Enter at Update Now.
    • When it's done updating, it will turn off and then turn back on.

  • Reset the TV 
    • Go back to the Hospitality Menu by entering MUTE, UP ARROW, DOWN ARROW, ENTER.  The blue screen will appear.
    • Scroll to the bottom and select SYSTEM.
    • Select TV Reset
    • Select TV Reset again.  When done the TV will turn off.
    • Wait 10 seconds and turn the TV back on.

  • Follow the directions for the HGxxHQ60A and HGxxAU800 HTV Emulator Setup Guide, available directly below under Guides.

                 Samsung HGxxHQ60A & HGxxAU800 Setup Guide

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