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We offer the most qualified installation services for hospitality available today.  We support every aspect of the installation, including complete project management from start to finish.  Our qualified and experienced engineering staff will be onsite during every install.

Unleash your guests' in-room entertainment options by making it easy to connect mobile devices such as smart phones, game players, laptops, and media players to a big screen.  For entertainment or business presentations your TV's will auto-switch to the correct input.

ProTVSolutions offers many types and sizes of wall brackets.  From the simplest flat brackets to the very flexible articulating arm designs.  The  common feature to all of our brackets is the high quality and low cost.  We can typically offer a large savings over other companies brackets.  Most are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

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The market leader, the highest quality, and the most diverse product lineup, backed with the best warranty in the industry.

Samsung TV offerings include the flagship large curved TV's to entry level, non-Pro:Idiom models.

Television Sales

We offer competitive pricing and availability on Hospitality Televisions by market leaders Samsung, LG and SunBrite.  Being integrators, we are technical specialists on the brands we sell.  We can educate you on  the specifications and features that will help reduce engineering calls.  And as such, we can recommend the best TV's for your property based on your specific needs.

We understand that television purchases for your property are a huge investment.  We take it very seriously that we determine the right televisions to work properly with your video system and provide a lasting investment with technology that will last well into the future.

Call or email us so we can help you choose the best TV's for your property.

Hospitality Televisions


LG has set the benchmark for Hospitality Televisions.  They were the developers of the widely used and implemented DRM, Pro:Idiom.  LG offers a full range of Hospitality TV's, from Smart to Hospitality Lite.

SunBrite is the true original outdoor television, and leader in outside televisions. Their televisions have been engineered for permanent outdoor placement, with sizes ranging from 32" to 65". There is a size for every outdoor area. They feature new slim 4K displays and are completely weather proof, and able to withstand hours of partial sunlight.

We offer competitive pricing and fast availability on major Hospitality Televisions by market leaders Samsung, LG and RCA.  As we are integrators, we are specialists on the brands we sell.  We can recommend the best TV's for your property based on your specific requirements.