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Quickly and easily solve pillow speaker installation problems
Part# - PTV-PSM-1

PSM - Pillow Speaker Monitor


Key Features:

  • Quickly discover if the problem is related to in wall wiring, the TV, the pillow speaker, or the nurse call system.
  • ​​The PSM automatically identifies all major industry protocols
  • Zenith (5 Bit & 6 Bit), Philips, LG Pro:Centric, and Samsung
  • Displays the protocol set by on the pillow speaker or nurse call system.
  • Displays the code and description of the button pushed on the pillow speaker, such as “Channel Down”.
  • Generates pillow speaker audio to confirm wiring.
  • Simulates basic pillow speaker buttons to confirm TV’s operation.
  • Send commands directly from the PSM to the TV, in any protocol, to determine that the TV and pillow speaker are setup properly.
  • Connects between the TV and the wall connector, with just two wires.
  • Battery powered, USB rechargeable.  Auto standby when not used.
  • Includes all typical cables, power supply and carrying case