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For all Apple, Android and other mobile devices , your guests will easily be able to access their own audio and video on your TV.  When your guest plays their own music or video, your TV will automatically switch to the correct input and play their content.  When they unplug their device or turn it off, the TV will automatically go back to TV channel.

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Solutions for Hotel-Unique Problems

We develop custom products to solve unique problems for hotel guest rooms.  For example, we consistently saw IR problems between TV's and Remotes that frustrated guests.  We developed a low cost solution that solved this problem.  

After installing our IR Conditioner product in each room, one customer said, " It's like night and day."  They called it the silver bullet and watched their guest complaints all but disappear.  Other properties have TV's behind mirrors that can be troublesome.  We developed and installed a custom product for them as well that stopped all their guest complaints.

We offer an initial diagnostics visit at a very low price in order to gain a reliable understanding of your problem(s).  This one visit is often enough to help you solve the problem yourself.  

In the most complicated cases, we offer a unique service.  We will come to your property, stay for a night or two to perform diagnostics, go to guest room calls with your staff and work to determine where your guest complaints are originating from.  We have developed our own unique diagnostic tools that allow us to monitor the communication lines between your TV's and video system.  This lets us analyze the signals and determine what needs to be fixed.  We can then work with the TV manufacturer or video system provider to rectify the problem.

Do you have DVD, Blu-ray or iPhone connectivity in your room but it is way too complicated to access?  We have solutions for this as well.  Our products will allow your TV to automatically switch from tuner to the correct input depending upon what the guest wants to watch.  Just by inserting a DVD or Blu-ray disc will cause the TV to switch inputs.  When the DVD or Blu-ray is turned off or a channel is selected with the Remote, the TV will automatically return to tuner.  

We design and manufacture our our own unique control systems that are based on a proprietary intuitive command structure.  In hotels your guests don't have the time to learn complicated Remotes and features.  We design them so they are easier to use and far superior to home systems your guests are used to. This allows your guests to start enjoying your audio and video system without any frustration or technical support calls to your staff.

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